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Season 2019

Match Report – Cardross v Bearsden (14/4/19)
Match Result - Cardross 3.5 - Bearsden 1.5
What are the chances....yet again we were drawn with Bearsden GC in our section this year, so that’s now 5 times in the last 8 years, however the TM League has changed the rules so that we don’t end up playing the same teams in consecutive years.
Coincidentally our last home match of last season was against Bearsden.
Normally at the start of April we have to endure grim weather in the early matches, however we were fortunate that this game was played during a spell of really good weather.
We got off to a good start with Graeme Dixon & Stephen Muir securing a good 4&3 victory.
Bearsden pulled a game back, but then we won the next two games and the final game was halved, although we had won the match after the fourth game.
So a great start against last year’s League runners up.
Our next match is away to Dullatur on the 21st April so hopefully we can keep the winning momentum going.
Kenny Marshall
Convenor – Thomson McCrone Team

Match Report – Dullatur v Cardross (21/4/19)
Match Result -  Dullatur 1 - Cardross 4
Dullatur are another team we’ve had in our group fairly frequently in recent years- in 2015, 2017 and again this year.
They have a quality golf course so no one minds really.
Like last week, again we were fortunate to have had really good weather for this match.
Our first game took a heavy 5&4 beating, however Stewart McCreadie & Paul Devlin secured a good 4&3 victory in Game 2. Games 3 and 4 also went our way so at that point the match was won.
Alistair McIntyre and I played in Game 5 and we were hearing whispers that the overall match score was 2-2 as we were nearing the end of our game.
We were 2 down with 5 to play so we managed to step-up a gear and get one birdie each on 14 and 17 and then heading up the 18th all square, Alistair secured a great par to win our game.
 It was a surprise to us that the overall match had already been won before we finished our game!
Dullatur’s hospitality was excellent as usual ....and I wish I had taken a doggy bag from their excellent buffet.
So another good win against a tough side.
It is difficult to win away from home in the Thomson McCrone League and this win was probably the best one I can remember in the 15 years I’ve been playing for the team.
Our next match is away to Windyhill on the 12th May.
This is a team we haven’t played for about 10 years, so fingers crossed for a result.
Kenny Marshall
Convenor – Thomson McCrone Team

Match Report – Windyhill v Cardross (12/5/19)
Match Result, Windyhill 4 - Cardross 1
This was a course most of our team hadn’t played for a long time or indeed never before, and being unfamiliar with the course I think put us at a slight disadvantage.
Again we had perfect weather for this match and Windyhill’s course was in great condition.
Although the overall result of this match looked like a fairly easy win for Windyhill, most of the matches were very close and weren’t decided until the 17th or 18th holes, as confirmed by Windyhill’s captain Iain Drummond.
Well done on a good 2&1 away win for Paul Young & John Aitken.
Windyhill’s catering was excellent and although we lost, our team enjoyed the match. Hopefully we’ll get revenge on 23rd June !
Kenny Marshall
Convenor – Thomson McCrone Team

Match Report – Cardross v Dullatur (26/5/19)
Match Result - Cardross 4 - Dullatur 1
This match against Dullatur was the first of the return matches.
I suppose we had to endure some variable weather eventually having had perfect weather in the first three matches, but fortunately the rain stopped minutes before we kicked off the games. I think we only had to put our brollies up for a few minutes in the time all the matches were played.
In a similar fashion to our last game against Windyhill,all of the five matches were close with two halved matches and three wins for us at 2&1.
So another good win against a tough side.
Thanks to Dullatur’s convenor Jim McLaughlin for his kind comments on our course, which all the Dullatur guys enjoyed playing.
If we can take a strong team to Bearsden on the 9th June, I am confident we can get an away draw or win and if we manage to do that, then I’m certain we can progress to the quarter final stage.

Kenny Marshall
Convenor - Thomson McCrone Team

Match Report –Bearsden v Cardross (9/6/19)
Match Result - Bearsden 2 - Cardross 3
As I mentioned earlier, we had Bearsden in our section in last year and in the corresponding away fixture we lost narrowly, so it was good to get revenge this year.
Again we were fortunate enough to have had dry and sometimes sunny weather for this match.
The first two games were very close with both ending up all–square. We managed to win the next game with Gavin Wilson and Alistair Stewart closing out with a good 2-up result as they were both giving away 7 strokes to one of Bearsden’s players.
Bearsden pulled a game back with a good 4&3 win to make the score 2-2 after the first four games, however Alistair McIntyre and myself closed out the final game with a hard fought 3&2 win.
George and the Bearsden lads provided us with a great welcome, entertaining chat and their usual excellent catering, so again very much appreciated.
This was the only time I can remember Cardross winning two away matches in the same year, so well done all the lads....and keep it up!
Our next match is at home to Windyhill and having checked all the results from the other sections, we probably only need one point to make sure of qualification to the quarter final stages.

Kenny Marshall
Convenor – Thomson McCrone Team

Match Report – Cardross v Windyhill (23/6/19)
Match Result - Cardross 3 – Windyhill 2
We welcomed back Windyhill on this final match of the section campaign. Even though they had already qualified to the quarter final stages, Windyhill still brought along a strong squad for this match.
I wasn’t playing this time so all the boys were made aware that we only needed one point to get us through to the next stage. Many thanks to Andy Caldwell for officiating at this match and helping us get over the line.
Yet again the weather was fine and as we didn’t have any reserves, a drawn match would give us the point we needed to qualify for the quarter final stage.
We got off to a good start with Ronnie Blair & Eddie Murphy winning the first game 1-up which was then followed by a storming 7&6 victory for John Aitken & Paul Young. Windyhill pulled a game back with a 3&2 win to make the score 2-1 after the first three games and then Gavin Wilson & Michael Black closed off the match win with a great 3&2 victory.
I understand all the games were played in a good spirit and that the Windyhill guys enjoyed the course.
Although we ended up on the same number of points as Windyhill, they were awarded as section winners because of the results between our direct matches. It is likely we will play Clydebank & District in the quarter final match at the end of July/start of August with the venue still to be decided.
Again, well done to the Cardross team, some great results this year....and let’s keep the winning mentality going in the next match.
Kenny Marshall
Convenor – Thomson McCrone Team

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