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How do I get / maintain or re-instate a handicap?

As a Cardross member starting off in golf and wondering how to obtain a handicap or transferring here from another Club and wanting to know how to maintain your handicap - we would like to help.

We've produced a document outlining the procedures for obtaining and maintaining your handicap at Cardross which you can access by clicking anywhere on the page text.
If there is any further information or advice you need don't hesitate to speak to Robert Farrell in the Pro. Shop or
e-mail me.

For existing members who have had their handicap "starred" we have included information on re-instating handicaps.

Ben Sly
Match & Handicap Secretary
NB - Important changes have been implemented by CONGU which came into effect on 1st January 2018. The new details can be accessed by following this link
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